Content Strategy

Content Strategy is an integral part of how your website performs. Not only does it need to determine what you are communicating, but when, and who too.

Getting a professional on board with a set of tools to guide you toward effective results is a great way of getting guidance for the implementation of your strategy.

What should I be writing about?

The topics you choose to write about need to be exactly what your audience wants to read about. Not only that but what they want to share with their friends and discuss on social platforms.

Working with a diverse range of business in different markets has enabled us to ensure that we are well positioned to not only help you with knowledge on what your industry is discussing, but also bring additional creative ideas that we have implemented with great effect in other markets.

Not only do we have experience, but we also have digital tools to help us identify trends and key words to target. all of which you can have access too.

When should I be writing?

More is not always better. Depending on the type of industry you are in, it may be that your audience can become over saturated. We can advise.

Using the tools at our desposal, we can see the metrics for when your customers are most likely to engage, when they are most likely to convert and when they are most likely to follow a link to your site.

Who should I be writing for?

We are not here to teach you what you already know. If you are in a position considering a service like ours, you already know your audience. But with our assistance, you can monitor the changes in their behaviour which will enable your content to be so much more engaging.

More engaged audience… more clicks and time on page. this is great news from an SEO perspective and a conversion rate perspective.