Traffic value

When creating content for a client, many understandably have an interest in which keywords are bing targeted and the number of searches – and therefore click throughs – that they are likely to generate.

Its easy to lose focus as an SEO focussed company on the end goal of the work. With only one exception, our clients employ us to look at there content and SEO as a means to drive conversions on their site. It’s critical to never lose site of that.

The importance of impressions

Of course, it’s better value for money if you can get more impressions for your search. We take pride in generating content plans that focus on answering the questions that an audience will be asking, as well as discussing the topics that people may want to be informed of. Its a key differentiator between good content and bad.

By using content that generates impressions, you will be talking to your audience about what they want to know. This is an incredibly effective way of building a following and increasing your exposure form both an SEO perspective, and from a social sharing and more holistic perspective.

Should Impressions be our focus

Well, yes and no.

As with all things SEO and marketing, the key is in the mix. One thing that many of our clients have struggled with prior to asking for our help, is generating traffic with an intent. Its important to realise that the conversation you are aiming to be part of is not the be all and end all. If you are also targeting questions which will lead to sales, you will find an improvement to your conversion rate and ultimately your sales.

Using tools to enable to you identify the popular questions that are being discussed but importantly will be more likely to convert is important. The best plans will include a numbe of these article types mixed within your content strategy.

If you are having problems, think you could achieve more, or would purely like some help with your plans, speak to us. We are always happy to talk to new people and if we think we can help you, we will.