What Google local listing can mean to a smaller business

When you think about Google local listings, you will be forgiven for thinking about them in the context that you may have come across them in the past as a user.

The map based information, that you can update to help your customers find you is still a highly relevant component of the Google My Business product, but its now much more applicable to business’ that operate across multiple locations or have a single centralised site with a large distribution area.

After all, what is the benefit of a map to your office if you a a successful plumber with a service area of 100 sq miles.

How it helps smaller businesses

Through the use of a well optimised local search strategy, small business’ can gain access to two opportunities to put themselves in front of their customers. When someone searches for something near them, be it a baker, hair dresser or plumber, you will come up as a point on the map, as well as information about you.

Ensuring that this information is accurate and up to date is the base level you really need to achieve if you are taking hold of this communication method. Make sure that your opening hours are correct and the information about how you can be contacted is appropriate.

Beyond that, the specific listing gives you the opportunity to push promotions. No longer is this system purely designed for passive sharing of info. Google My Business now gives you the opportunity to promote your activities – or specifically any events or images – through the same channel. This is a great way to capitalise on anyone running local specific searches.

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